Update on Intel bug

1 min read

According to a report on the BBC, Intel has stated that the software patches issued to fix security flaws on its chips should not be applied.

The patches, which were developed to overcome Meltdown and Spectre, could expose important data if exploited and many users have reported that their machines have slowed or stopped working altogether following the updates.

The news report says that Intel now knows what has caused the problem and is set to develop fresh patches.

The advice to customers is to ‘start testing early versions of the new patches which it has already started sharing’.

Intel spokesman, Navin Shenoy, has apologised for any disruption caused.

The report says that ‘Meltdown affected Intel chips and one Arm processor,’ while ‘Spectre is present in chips made by Intel, Arm and AMD’.

Patches have been produced in abundance by software and hardware firms to try and prevent bugs being exploited.

Microsoft has ‘advised people with computers that use AMD chips against applying its patch’ and has since ‘fixed the patch and re-issued it’.