UNISOC and Imagination carry out strategic cooperation on AI

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Imagination Technologies has announced that UNISOC, a fabless semiconductor company, has licenced its latest generation of neural network accelerator (NNA), IMG Series3NX for use in future system-on-chips (SoCs) targeting mid-high range mobile devices, TV and other markets.

UNISOC has previously integrated Imagination’s Series2NX AI core into its mobile platform. The combination of Imagination’s NNA technology and UNISOC’s chip and system designs capabilities has already resulted in significantly improved levels of performance.

Steve Evans, executive vice president PowerVR Product, Imagination Technologies, said, “UNISOC has already shown that they are a leader in neural network acceleration in mobile, and we are excited they are taking our technology into the 5G market space.”

Eric Zhou, SVP, UNISOC, added, “Having already integrated Imagination’s Series2NX AI technology into silicon proves that Imagination has leading AI technology. We’re delighted to deepen our strategic partnership and enable artificial intelligence capabilities for commerce, medical care, home, education and more.”

IMG Series3NX is claimed to be the fastest, most power-efficient embedded solution for hardware acceleration of neural networks in the market.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Series3NX provides improved levels of scalability, enabling SoC manufacturers to optimise compute power and performance across a range of embedded markets such as automotive, mobile, smart surveillance and IoT edge devices.

Thanks to architectural enhancements, including lossless weight compression, the Series3NX architecture benefits from a 40% boost in performance in the same silicon area over the previous generation, giving SoC manufacturers a nearly 60% improvement in performance efficiency and a 35% reduction in bandwidth.