UK and China join forces

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Aggressive measures to help the UK electronics manufacturing industry by cutting lead times, reducing costs and improving flexibility have been announced by Components Bureau.

In association with its official manufacturing partners in China, SMT Holdings, commercial manager of Components Bureau, Andrew Ferrier has announced a three point plan. The plan includes cutting lead times by up to one third, more competitive pricing and greater flexibility in production. Andrew Ferrier (right), commercial manager of Components Bureau, explained: “Teamwork is the key to producing these substantial new benefits. We've worked with SMT for many years and have a relationship based on partnership and co-operation. China has its problems, the UK has its problems, so it makes sense to get together and work out a formula that helps everyone to the maximum. These measures are really significant and should give a boost to any electronics manufacturer in the UK." Luis Capelo (left), European marketing manager for SMT, added: "We are able to offer this package through a policy of stringent cost savings that we have implemented throughout our production process. Yes, we have reduced our workforce, but that has mainly been the number of migrant workers on temporary contracts. We still retain a vast number of employees and can run double shifts as orders dictate. Simple energy-saving habits make their own contribution. We have new covers on our ovens to maintain high temperatures; lights are not left on constantly. Instead of daily shipping we ship three times a week, it is a question of increased efficiency and the savings we make we can pass on through lower costs."