Triad Semiconductor unveils ‘Pure-Play’ aerospace and defence division

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Triad Semiconductor has unveiled Triad Micro Devices (TMD), a wholly owned ‘pure-play’ division that’s dedicated to developing analogue and mixed-signal integrated circuits exclusively for the aerospace and defence industry.

TMD is to specialise in cutting-edge, integrated, and high-reliability analogue and mixed-signal solutions for terrestrial and space applications, and it looks to address SWaP (size, weight, and power) challenges, significantly streamline qualification and certification processes, and to optimise the total cost of ownership (TCO).

"Having participated in the aerospace and defence industry for many years, Triad is establishing TMD as a dedicated centre of excellence for high-performance, high-reliability integrated circuit development," said Jim Kemerling, TMD CTO.

"This move ensures our continued ability to meet the intricate demands of this sector. Utilising our extensive analogue and mixed-signal IC design expertise, advanced proprietary design tools, and patented 'ViArray' technology, we are well-positioned to empower our customers. This enables them to expedite design processes, accelerate qualification timelines, cut down development costs, and minimise risks."

The company’s ViArray technology offers a number of benefits in terms of cost, development time, and qualification. Alternatively, full-custom solutions are also available.

"TMD arises from a distinguished heritage, stemming from Triad's rich R&D legacy in the aerospace and defence sectors," remarked Lynn Hayden, CEO of Triad Semiconductor. "Our distinctive analogue and mixed-signal ViArray technology, coupled with a seasoned A&D customer-centric design, sales, and support team, positions us to not only build upon that legacy, but also to extend our footprint.

“With TMD solutions, multiple discrete COTS parts, each with their own EOL schedules, can be consolidated into a single device. TMD guarantees the availability of its solutions for up to 25 years, aligning with the lifespan of defence systems, thereby addressing the EOL issue head-on. In addition, it’s Radiation Hardened by Design ViArrays, qualified to MIL-PRF-38535, significantly reduce time to market and qualification costs.”