Tek targets ‘value’ sector

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Responding to a perceived need for a mid range family of ‘value’ oscilloscopes, Tektronix has launched the DPO3000 family. The devices provide triggering and decode support for most popular serial buses used in embedded systems, along with the ability to store 5million records.

Mark Briscoe, product marketing manager for Tektronix' value scope product line, said scopes such as the DPO3000 needed three things: a certain amount of performance; serial debug; and ease of use. "These devices have fast capture rates and intensity grading," he noted. "They can handle 50k waveforms a second, whilst capturing up to 5m records per channel simultaneously." There are six models in the family, offering two or four channels and bandwidths of 100, 300 and 500MHz. Each device comes with WaveInspector, which helps users to search for events of interest, as well as LabVIEW SignalExpress Tektronix Edition LE. Other features include 2.5Gsample/s capture rates and more than five times oversampling on each channel. DPO3000 models are 5.4in deep and feature a 9in wvga screen. Talking about the screen, Briscoe noted: "This makes sense because engineers are dealing with time."