TAEC boosts performance of NAND flash memory devices

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Toshiba America Electronic Components has enhanced its NAND flash portfolio with the introduction of a family of higher performance 24nm e-MMCTM devices.

The use of toggle mode DDR NAND improves performance and enables faster random access and sequential performance over single data rate NAND. Densities range from 2GB to 128GB and according to TAEC, the new embedded NAND flash memory modules feature the world's smallest geometry e-MMC, one of the highest capacities in the industry. The devices offer full compliance with the JEDEC e-MMC Version 4.41 standard. The 24nm e-MMC devices combine up to 16 pieces of 64Gbit (equal to 8GN) NAND chips fabricated with Toshiba's 24nm process technology. The company was the first to combine 16 pieces of 64Gbit die in e-MMC to achieve 128GB of memory by applying advanced chip thinning and layering techniques to establish individual chips 30µm thick. "The utilisation of our new toggle mode DDR NAND die at 64Gbit density is key to enabling our e-MMC to support the higher performance, and smaller, thinner packages that customers desire," said Scott Beekman, senior business development manager, mobile communications memory for TAEC. "For example, our 128GB e-MMC can now be supported in a smaller 14 x 18 package, which many space conscious applications can support."