Sub threshold processor developer gets more cash

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Sub threshold processor developer Minima has completed the second stage of its seed funding round. According to the Finnish company, Lifeline Ventures is the latest investor, joining earlier investments from VTT Ventures, CFT Nordic Capital, Aalto University and a group of angel investors. The latest investment takes the amount of cash raised to €5.5million in less than a year.

“This means that our technology is definitely on the rise and getting recognition,” said CEO Toni Soini. “Now, we can keep on improving the technology and continue searching for more partners.”

Speaking exclusively to New Electronics in January 2017, CTO Lauri Koskinen said Minima is working with a range of companies. “We’re process and IP agnostic,” he noted, “so we’re not limited to microprocessors. We could also work with DSPs, for example. We’re also looking closely at the RISC-V architecture and are developing our own RISC-V IP.” According to Minima, it has signed a contract with an international semiconductor company, but has yet to name the organisation.

Juha Lindfors, a partner with Lifeline Venture, noted: “We consider Minima’s technology as a very promising breakthrough that allows radically improved – as much as 20 times higher – processor energy efficiency. Minimising energy consumption is the key factor in the vastly growing IoT markets and Minima’s expertise is first-class.”