STMicroelectronics unveils STPay-Mobile platform

2 mins read

STMicroelectronics has launched STPay-Mobile, a new platform that looks to simplify the virtualization of security-critical public transit ticketing and payment cards on smartphones and wearables.

The platform helps mobile-device manufacturers leverage the features of ST’s ST54 secure System-on-Chip (SoC) to handle contactless transactions and protect sensitive information, such as data and authentication credentials.

ST has also announced details of a new ticketing solution for public transit that leverages the OnBoard platform created by Snowball Technology. This platform, together with STPay-Mobile managing services on the ST54 secure SoC, enables smartphones and wearables to host virtual tickets that are easily created by transit agencies and are convenient for travelers to buy and use.

"The ST54 product family and new STPay-Mobile services, combined with Snowball's platform, OnBoard, join smart-device manufacturers with public transit agencies to enable virtual ticketing for the broadest range of globally-supported contactless card standards," said Snowball Technology CEO and co-founder, Ciaran Fisher. "Snowball and ST are aligned in their vision to create products and services that support smart, secure, and connected lifestyles. Together, ST's secure and high-performing semiconductors and our innovative OnBoard platform are powering the development of smart cities in the 21st century."

“We are rolling out STPay-Mobile services to help smartphone OEMs take advantage of the strong security and efficient NFC support provided by ST54 SoCs to create next-generation products that will power the future of ticketing and payment virtualization,” explained Marie-France Li-Saï Florentin, Microcontrollers & Digital ICs Group Vice President, Secure Microcontroller Division General Manager, STMicroelectronics.

“Connecting the STPay-Mobile services with Snowball’s OnBoard platform has created an incredibly scalable and flexible solution that allows transit agencies to introduce virtual cards on their networks without changes to existing systems and infrastructure.”

To date, Snowball’s OnBoard platform has been chosen by 50 transit agencies in over 125 cities worldwide, including all major cities in China. The platform is compatible with over 330 different models of smartphones and wearables from leading brands. Its urban reach now exceeds 680 million people.

STPay-Mobile Ticketing services for the ST54 help mobile device manufacturers look to address the many different types of transport infrastructures deployed worldwide and scale their solutions globally. Together, they are open to any transit card scheme including open standards such as Calypso, ITSO, OSPT and others, as well as proprietary standards such as MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, and MIFARE Plus.

The STPay-Mobile Payment services framework will shortly complete certification according to Mastercard and Visa specifications. The services present a certified and fully validated contactless-payments solution for OEMs, fully integrated with MDES (Mastercard Digital Enablement Service) and VTS (Visa Token Service) tokenization platforms.

The ST54J SoC combines contactless front-end (CLF) circuitry and Secure Element (SE) on a single die, creating a power-efficient and compact solution for protected transactions on mobile devices.