Speech synthesis IC for ADAS and AVAS

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ROHM has announced an automotive speech synthesis IC, the ML2253x series, which has been optimised for audible notifications and sound effects in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System).

The ML2253x Speech Synthesis ICs provide features for improved levels of safety and increased flexibility at the application level, reducing overall system costs and simplifying the hardware and software design.

“ROHM is embracing the growing market and increased safety demand by the auto makers for reliable voice and sound generation systems,” said Stefan Drouzas, Senior Application Marketing Manager at ROHM Semiconductor.

Utilizing a state of the art compression method (HQ-ADPCM), the ML2253x series provides enhanced audio playback with reduced memory usage for storing audio data.

The integrated Sound Continuity Detection re-digitizes the analogue speaker output signal and compares it with the playback data stored in the internal or external memory. The main MCU receives a feedback in case the data is exceeding a predefined value e.g. in case of skipping.

In addition, a number of essential detection functions are also built in, including short-circuit, high-temperature, and command transfer error detection, contributing to improved reliability in automotive applications.

To increase the flexibility of development from day one and even beyond shipment of the final product, the memory content can be updated through the main MCU, once connected to a communication network (IoT).