Solving component end-of-life issues for PCB design

1 min read

Altium, the PCB design software specialist, is partnering with IHS Markit Electronic Parts Solutions to address the issue of component end-of-life issues.

With an average of 15 end-of-life notices issued every day, part obsolescence is a significant challenge for engineers. To address this design challenge Altium has partnered with IHS Markit, a component intelligence source, to provide actionable lifecycle status updates as the PCB is being designed. IHS Markit’s BOM analysis provides current lifecycle status for over 660 million electronic components.

“PCB designers urgently need to understand whether the components they specify are going to be available for the full lifecycle of their end products”, said Ted Pawela, COO of Altium. “IHS Markit and Altium are partnering to make reliable component lifecycle data and recommended substitutes seamlessly available to them as they design rather than after the fact.”

IHS Markit’s Electronic part and supply chain intelligence is integrated with Altium 365, the company's cloud platform for printed circuit board design and realisation. Altium 365 works with Altium Designer, for PCB design, to deliver a more connected experience for PCB design and manufacturing.

The Altium 365 Pro subscription plan provides users with component management capabilities including part and supply chain intelligence powered by IHS, allowing engineers to find and replace components that are obsolete or facing end of life.

“By using lifecycle information and alternative part options from IHS, Altium Designer and Altium 365 users will now be able to ensure successful supply chain continuity at any point in the PCB design cycle, long before potential end-of-life issues arise,” explained IHS Markit Vice President Bob Braasch.