Altium 365 offers a new PCB design experience via AWS

1 min read

In a move to provide engineers with a digital platform that connects design to the supply chain and the manufacturing floor, Altium has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the Altium 365 cloud platform.

The Altium 365 cloud-based platform and Altium Designer PCB will now be able to create seamless collaboration points across the development process, making it the most connected design experience in the industry. It will now be possible to streamline the product development process and allow engineers and designers to create smart & connected electronic products faster than ever.

With Altium 365, users can now bring together the stakeholders and participants in the electronic design process - even if they do not have Altium Designer - while keeping IPs secure and designs under control.

Altium 365 looks to provide a completely new way to share, visualize, and mark-up PCB designs for all stakeholders involved, from design managers to manufacturers, while allowing other designers to connect to the same PCB design with Altium Designer to author changes.

“AWS is central to Altium 365’s success to keep the platform, customers’ designs, and data secure, available and accessible,” said Greg Bellasis, Altium’s Director of Cybersecurity. “A broad portfolio of AWS services and the collaboration with their enterprise support team helps us achieve this goal to ensure ongoing stability, security, and reliability for our users to connect with anyone, from anywhere, in any time zone and from any web-enabled device to get their job done.”

Teams will be able to organise designs, libraries, and participants in one place, and share links to their designs for easy, real-time collaboration. Designs are accessible at any time, on any device, anywhere, thanks to AWS’s global infrastructure. By leveraging CAD-specific intelligence, design data can be stored in a way that makes projects, files and version history accessible and easy to navigate on the web.

“There’s a broad recognition that cloud is a more secure place to do collaborative projects than traditional on-premises infrastructures,” said David Pellerin, head of Worldwide Business Development for Infotech/Semiconductor at AWS. “By using the cloud to secure their most sensitive data and improve efficiencies and maximize collaboration, Altium and their customers can free up developers and engineers to focus on innovation.”