Socionext has introduced a new display controller SC1702 that's intended to meet the growing needs for high-resolution widescreen automotive displays.

The company has also developed a new addition to the existing SC1701 series, providing low-cost, optimal safety functions for meter clusters. This line-up of 'smart' display controllers delivers scalable in-vehicle remote display systems that achieve high levels of safety.

The use of automotive displays is rapidly expanding in instrumentation and vehicle control operations, including meters, climate controls and other dashboard indicators integrated into graphics. Additionally, head-up displays (HUD) and e-mirror displays are being added to many vehicles, resulting in a broader set of display requirements and options. These range from conventional small displays to large format, wide screens with some spanning across the entire dashboard.

The SC1702 is capable of transferring data at rates of up to 12 Gbps using the latest APIX3 technology. It is equipped with a newly developed Panel Interface Port (PIP) that supports the most advanced, high-resolution wide landscape format display such as 8K x 1K, which cannot be supported with conventional interfaces.

In addition, it was designed to conform to the latest encryption technology HDCP 2.3, making it possible to effectively utilise richer 4K-resolution content for multi-displays and other uses in a vehicle.

Supporting these new technologies, the SC1702 can detect display abnormalities that are unobservable with current technology. In addition to the conventional safety features, displays can now recognize panel link loss, inconsistencies of CRC of pixel data and other behaviours at the source drivers and gate drivers, enhancing the capabilities to meet further safety requirements.

The SC1701BH5-300 is a new addition to the SC1701 line-up providing additional functions to existing meter systems. With the device, safety features such as multi-window signature unit, picture freeze detection, and watchdog, as well as the 2D rendering capability of Deep Color (30 bpp) built-in graphics engine, are now also available.