Smartphone can be used as medical device

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In a bid to assist diagnosis by physicians and drive growth in remote medical consultation services, a V-Sensor and app has been integrated with next-generation smartphones.

Leman Micro Devices’ (LMD) hopes its sensor and app will enable patients to self-measure their own vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen level and temperature, with medical accuracy for online appointments with doctors.

According to LMD, its V-Sensor uses the established Riva-Rocci technique to measure blood pressure, but instead of the user having a cuff on their arm, they press their index finger against the sensor on the side of the smartphone.

The V-Sensor app, LMD continues, is designed to ensure the correct range of pressures is applied and give an accurate reading.

A thermopile is also built into the V-Sensor module for non-contact body temperature measurement. Other built-in features are also said to allow all five vital signs to be measured by the patient in less than 60 seconds, without any extra accessories and all to medical accuracy.

“Smartphones with LMD’s V-Sensor and app make valuable additional information which is medically accurate and available to doctors exactly when they need it,” says Tom Foley, an expert in remote healthcare. “A smartphone with integrated V-Sensor and app also enables patients to check their vital signs regularly with results automatically collected and archived. These too can be shared during online telehealth consultations, perfect for accurately monitoring ongoing health conditions and for chronic care.”