Next gen medical devices focus of MIT, ADI collaboration

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A new R&D collaboration between Analog devices and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will focus on the development of next generation patient monitoring devices.

Research scientists from both organisations will utilise MIT's new Medical Electronic Devices Realization Center (MEDRC). Here, technologies will be developed to enable portable devices that check vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate, in a patient's home. ADI says this will help to reduce health care expenditures by shortening the length of hospital stays and reducing the number of doctor visits required for routine monitoring. "Analog Devices is excited to work with MIT on researching new technologies that further the movement of bringing technology into the home and enable medical companies to design the next generation of portable, affordable and reliable patient monitoring systems," said Patrick O'Doherty, vp, Healthcare Group, ADI. Dr Charles Sodini (pictured), MIT professor and co founder of the MEDRC, added: "Moving patient care into the home marks a radical change in how healthcare is delivered and innovative medical devices are essential to making this important shift possible. The goal of our research with ADI is to provide medical device companies with the technology necessary to create continuous vital signs monitoring systems that improve the lives of patients throughout the world."