Skyworks partners with Broadcom to deliver power efficiency for Wi-Fi 6/6E devices

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Skyworks Solutions has introduced a high efficiency portfolio of Wi-Fi front-end modules (FEMs) that address the power, performance and thermal requirements of Wi-Fi 6/6E-enabled devices across the enterprise and IoT space.

Leveraging Skyworks’ lab-to-fab design process and the advanced signal processing capabilities in Broadcom’s family of Wi-Fi 6/6E solutions, the Skyworks ICETM (Incredible Current & Efficiency) FEMs are able to deliver substantial improvements in processing speed, latency and system-level power efficiency.

In addition to enhancing mobile device capabilities, Wi-Fi 6/6E is seen a driving improved connectivity for the IoT, private networks and deployments in dense public areas as well as across new products.

The Wi-Fi Alliance estimates that Wi-Fi 6/6E will surpass 80% of the total Wi-Fi market by 2025. 

Wi-Fi 6/6E devices are typically equipped with multiple radio System-on-Chips (SoCs) driving up to 16 radio frequency streams and FEMs. To dissipate the heat generated by these high-performance Wi-Fi systems often housed in small industrial form factors, manufacturers have had to compromise between performance, the cost of thermal management, size and design aesthetic.

“Skyworks ICE FEMs, coupled with Broadcom’s Wi-Fi silicon, enable manufacturers to deliver a dramatic and material reduction in overall power dissipation, reducing product cost and simultaneously contributing to a greener planet,” said John O’Neill, vice president of marketing at Skyworks. “These product advancements allow equipment providers to offer more sustainable products, smaller form factors, enhanced reliability and superior performance as compared to any alternative solutions.”

“Our digital pre-distortion technology coupled with Skyworks’ ICE FEMs has led to unprecedented performance and efficiency gains,” added Manny Patel, senior director of marketing at Broadcom. “This collaboration with Skyworks enables our customers to deliver high-speed connectivity in the cutting-edge end markets that rely on these technologies.”