Sensing technology support gesture recognition in remote controls

Motion sensing specialist Movea has unveiled the MotionIC platform, featuring chips and chipsets, firmware, software APIs and developer kits, and IP. The combination is said to allow enable OEMs, set top box suppliers, digital tv manufacturers and service providers to integrate up to nine axes of motion processing and control into their products.

"Digital television and connectivity in the home is changing from being a passive experience watching TV to an interactive one," said Sam Guilaumé, Movea's ceo. "Adding SmartMotion will transform the user experience; providing a natural, intuitive way to interact with your tv by using simple hand movements and gestures to navigate media and content." SmartMotion processing gives a remote control the ability to navigate next generation TV services in an intuitive manner, similar to using a Wiimote. SmartMotion technology also features jitter control and gesture recognition capabilities that support gesture based sign in for parental control of tv content and access to personal favourites. Four gyroscope driven reference designs are available, ranging from ready to use solutions to fully customisable offerings. These designs have a range of up to 30m, based on 2.4GHz and RF4CE radio technologies.