Secure-IC makes protection technologies available in the cloud

1 min read

Secure-IC, a provider of end- to-end cybersecurity solutions for embedded systems and connected objects, is making its protection technologies available in the Cloud.

Starting first with the Xilinx App Store launched on December 9th, a new service that allows millions of Xilinx customers to securely find and use third-party IPs in the Cloud, and powered by Accelize’s Digital Rights Management technology, Secure-IC is now able to offer clients the possibility to test protection technologies in the Cloud before deploying them.

Through this Cloud-based platform, clients will be able to build, test and run instantly and securely new solutions without needing the traditional required hardware to support their applications.

The Xilinx Cloud-based App Store and Secure-IC’s IPs technologies available as a service will enhance the clients’ user experience and when a client is launching a new application that needs secure elements, they will now be able to test the functions in advance by calling the IP directly in the Cloud, using the secure software framework (Securyzr Firmware Framework), Secure-IC will deliver.

Customers will be provided with a very simple API and activation process to use Secure-IC’s technologies.

As a consequence, customers will be able to accelerate design cycles thanks to the scalability of the Cloud and meet demanding schedules and help them achieve their crucial time-to-market goals when deploying new technologies.

Hassan Triqui, co-founder and CEO at Secure-IC explained, “Through Xilinx App Store and our partnership with Accelize, our clients can now really experience the benefit of our solutions as they are able to evaluate quickly and efficiently our secure functions. This is a major benefit for us to demonstrate and disseminate broadly our technologies. It represents also an important milestone for Secure-IC in line with our strategic vision to accelerate the deployment of our protection technologies and deliver security life cycle management of devices from Chip to Cloud.”

The first IP to be available is Digital True Random Number Generator. It will be followed shortly by other Secure-IC’s technologies made available to Cloud-end users. Secure-IC will also deploy its Cloud strategy on various platforms in the coming months.