Scope family has 12 models, 4GHz bandwidth

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The WaveRunner 8000 oscilloscope family from Teledyne LeCroy features bandwidths ranging from 500MHz to 4GHz and what the company calls an an extensive toolbox to speed debugging. The device also sees the first deployment of the company’s MAUI user interface and LeCroy says the addition of OneTouch makes measurement set up easy.

A standard collection of maths, measurement, debug and documentation tools is accompanied by application specific packages said to enable streamlined debugging for common design and validation problems. Options include digital filtering, spectrum analysis, and device and switching power supply analysis.

Meanwhile, MAUI with OneTouch is said to optimise convenience and efficiency by enabling all common operations to be selected with a single touch of the display. Drag and drop actions allow channel set up, math functions and measurement parameters to be set. Common gestures such as drag, drop, pinch and flick are supported, while the ‘Add New’ button enables the addition of a new channel, math function or measurement.

With a sample rate of up to 40Gsample/s, detailed edge reconstruction is possible, even for signals with the fastest rise times. A 128Mpt memory allows long term behaviour of high speed serial data buses to be examined.

There are 12 variants in the range, each featuring a 12.1in WXGA colour display. Memory ranges from 16Mpt to 64Mpt per channel, with eight M models using interleaving to double the memory and sampling rate. The range also features six mixed signal devices.