LeCroy expands entry level scope range

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LeCroy is expanding its WaveAce oscilloscope line with the introduction of four 4 channel models, with bandwidths ranging from 60 to 300MHz, and adding a 2 channel 40 MHz model. The expansion means the WaveAce range now features 11 variants.

The four channel models provide a memory depth of 10kpt/channel and can acquire samples at up to 2Gsample/s. Meanwhile, the two channel 40MHz model has a 4kpt/channel memory and a sample rate of up to 500Msample/s. All models offer long memory, colour displays, a range of measurement capabilities and advanced triggering. The four channel models feature a long memory that allows users to capture full sample rate acquisitions that are two to three times longer than available with competitive devices. There are 32 built in automated parameters, including advanced timing parameters for skew, phase and edge to edge measurements between channels. Up to 20 waveforms and 20 set ups can be stored internally and mass storage can be undertaken through a front panel USB port. A rear panel USB port allows for direct printer connection. All important controls and menus can be accessed from the front panel with a single button press. Positions and offsets can be reset by simply pressing the knob; pressing the V/Div knob will switch between fixed and variable gain, while pressing the T/div knob will toggle between zoom modes.