Samsung announces ‘industry’s highest density’ lpddr2 dram

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Samsung Electronics says it has developed and started sampling the industry's first monolithic 4Gb low power ddr2 dram using 30nm class technology. The chip will be used in high end mobile applications such as smartphones and tablet pcs.

According to Samsung, the device can transfer up to 1066Mb/s, which approaches the performance of memory solutions for pc applications. The South Korean company claims it more than doubles the performance of the industry's previous mobile dram — mddr, which operates between 333 and 400Mb/s. Samsung says it will begin sampling 8Gb lpddr2 dram by stacking two 4Gb chips in a single package, as it believes that 8Gb will become the mainstream density for the mobile dram market next year. Traditionally, 8Gb lpddr2 dram used four 2Gb chips, but with this new approach, Samsung says it provides a 20% package height reduction and saves 25% of the power consumed. It also plans to provide 16Gb lpddr2 dram by stacking four of the 4Gb chips, as capacity needs continue to grow. "The mobile device market is gaining momentum with the advent of tablet pcs, which is adding significantly to the already surging smartphone segment," said Jun-Young Jeon, vice president, memory product planning team, Samsung Electronics. "Samsung will work closely with mobile device designers to bring high performance, high density mobile solutions to market as rapidly as possible."