By refining its processes, Newbury Electronics now offers same day turnaround on its PCB Train Express service for prototype PCBs. The company says it will now complete the entire process from receipt of data, tooling and testing so that the boards will be dispatched the same day and delivered by 12 noon the following day.

Philip King, Managing Director of Newbury Electronics said: "We know from our clients that the quick turnaround of a high quality prototype is critical when projects are in the development stage. It is often the case that the project can't move forward to the next stage until the PCB has been produced and incorporated and, as we all know, 'time is money'."

The PCB Train Express service replaces the need for organisations to make their own prototypes. However, it is not suitable for producing production quality PCBs. The PCBs supplied are either two layers, which are despatched the same day, or four layers, which are despatched the next day.