Ricoh announces partnership agreement with Digi-Key

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Ricoh Electronic Devices and Digi-Key Electronics have announced a global partnership agreement that will focus on the distribution of Ricoh’s Power Management and Real Time Clock ICs.

The agreement allows Ricoh to offer its products via another online distribution channel next to the traditional regional distributors. Through a one-stop shop service, design engineers will have direct access to select from a wide range of Ricoh devices for their consumer, automotive and industrial applications.

Ricoh’s semiconductor product offering from Digi-key includes a variety of analogue ICs providing low current consumption, high accuracy, small sized packages and high reliability. Featured products are LDO Voltage Regulators, Supervisory ICs, DC/DC Controllers and Converters, Load Switches, and Real Time Clock ICs.

LDO Voltage Regulators: The large line-up is designed for a wide range of purposes, including specific products with advanced current saving technology, low output noise, fast transient response, low and wide operating voltage range or ultra-small sized package.

Supervisory: Providing several solutions to the market such as voltage detectors to monitor a voltage threshold, (window) watchdog timers to monitor proper processor operation and reset timer ICs to reboot an application with a key combination when needed.

DC/DC Converters: Available in buck, boost and buck-boost configurations in both low and high operating voltages, the main feature for these products is to achieve a high efficiency voltage conversion in either Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or Variable Frequency Modulation (VFM) operating mode.

Load Switches: Ricoh offers several products like USB high side protection switches, load switches, battery power line switches and overvoltage protection switches.

Real Time Clock: The portfolio includes products with a 2-wire I2C, 3-wire and 4-wire SPI serial bus interface, available with basic features only, with integrated backup battery switchover circuit and modules with integrated crystal. A high accuracy programmable calibration adjustment to minimise clock deviation is available in all RTC products.