Research points to a need to increase product life span

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New research suggests that reducing field failures or increasing the life span of products are the top two reasons why manufacturers chose to protect their products from liquid damage, ahead of ‘meeting industry standards’ or ‘improving the user experience’.

The study was commissioned by liquid protection solutions provider P2i and polled Research & Design professionals at electric device manufacturers.

Sustainability featured highly in the responses, with almost half of the survey sample (46%) observing that suppliers of liquid protection solutions can help them to meet their environmental objectives by reducing waste. Nearly all (94%) of respondents said that they felt it was either very important or somewhat important that suppliers of liquid protection solutions helped them achieve their organisation’s environmental goals.

Commenting on the research Simon Vogt, Chief Commercial Officer at P2i said: “Reducing waste starts right at product design process. With manufacturers increasingly being required to reduce the waste they produce there is a real need to ensure devices are constructed to be repairable from the outset. Partners have a crucial role to play in this and the key is providing a solution that not only promotes repairability but also extends a product’s lifespan.”

The survey also discovered that regulatory pressures are proving to be the main driver for manufacturers to become more sustainable, as noted by more than half of the respondents (53%), with 43% believing consumer pressures are a primary cause.

Internal pressures at manufacturers were noted by more than a third 39% of respondents, with only 5% feeling there was no pressure to become more sustainable.