Renesas announces new features for its Quick Connect Studio

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Renesas Electronics has announced new features and additional coverage for its Quick Connect Studio, a cloud-based embedded system design platform.

Credit: Renesas Electronics

Quick Connect Studio makes it possible for users to graphically co-optimise hardware and software to quickly validate prototypes and accelerate product development.  

It empowers engineers to graphically drag and drop device and design blocks on the Cloud to build their solution. After placing each block, users can generate, compile, and build the base software automatically, a major shift towards the no-code paradigm of development - making building production-level software as easy as piecing building blocks together.

There is very little upfront learning or investment needed. The cloud compute power provides fast compilation, and the intuitive GUI reduces the learning curve. Quick Connect Studio automatically generates system software that can be iteratively tested on the hardware.

Quick Connect Studio now offers support for all the Renesas RA MCU boards, as well as multiple Renesas wireless modules and sensors. Additionally, devices from partners such as ams OSRAM, TDK, and Arducam have been added to further broaden the range of supported applications and designs.

According to Renesas, Quick Connect Studio can now help users build over 350 systems using Renesas MCU and breakout boards.

Renesas is also working with more suppliers and partners to automate the addition of their complementary devices, providing customers with a broad portfolio of supported devices to build their system designs.

Renesas is also introducing real-time code customisation and remote debugging for Quick Connect Studio users. The automatically generated code can be customised in real-time in the browser application. Using remote board farms, the code can be tested on target hardware dynamically to verify the operation before buying or building the physical board and setting up the test system.

This capability dramatically speeds up the process of building proof of concepts and prototyping system solutions by concurrently working on both software and hardware components of system design.

Renesas is also offering multi-region secure infrastructure deployments around the world for uniform user experience, faster response times and reduced latency. This enables auto-scaling to accommodate multiple concurrent users to access the platform at any time.

“Quick Connect Studio is a transformational offering for the industry,” said DK Singh, Vice President, Digitalization for Renesas. “For the first time, engineers can now pursue hardware and software development simultaneously. Our aim is to remove all the preparatory work from the system development process. This is a radical shift, enabling designers to focus their resources and energy on their core innovation build software immediately with the ability to quickly reconfigure and test product ideas.”