QuickLogic releases Aurora 2.6 with expanded operating system support

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QuickLogic has announced the release of Aurora 2.6, the latest iteration of its comprehensive eFPGA development tool suite.

Credit: kentoh - adobe.stock.com

Aurora 2.6 introduces significant architectural enhancements, advanced user interface features, and a streamlined Linux installation process, highlighting what the company says is its commitment to innovation and user-centric development.

Aurora v2.6 highlights include:

Support Windows and Linux OS Platforms: Aurora is now available on Windows 11/Windows 10 OS platforms and all of the major Linux distributions (including Centos, RedHat, and Ubuntu) via a unified Linux installation package.

eFPGA Architecture Improvement: The Aurora 2.6 suite brings an improved eFPGA architecture, delivering an average timing performance boost of 6% across various designs. In certain cases, the performance increases by as much as 15%, underscoring QuickLogic's aim of optimising performance and efficiency. Detailed comparisons and benchmarks are available for review, showcasing the benefits of the updates implemented in this version.

Interactive Path Analysis (IPA) Feature: A standout addition, according to the company, is the Interactive Path Analysis (IPA) within the new Graphical User Interface (GUI). The IPA capability allows users to analyse their design timing in a more granular way by highlighting the specific routing for critical paths in the design. This provides greater flexibility in influencing the timing performance of the design. The inclusion of IPA exemplifies Aurora's evolution toward more intuitive and insightful design analysis, facilitating a faster development process for engineers.

"In launching Aurora 2.6, we are not just releasing an updated tool suite; we are providing a platform that significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of eFPGA development," said Mao Wang, Product Marketing Director at QuickLogic.

The Aurora 2.6 Development Tool Suite is now available.