Quantum Science's new quantum dot products now on Merck Sigma-Aldrich platform

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Infrared quantum dot (QD) technology expert Quantum Science has announced that it has expanded its product offering on the Merck platform.

Research and development specialists can now access a broader range of infrared PbS and lead-free INFIQ QDs on Merck’s Sigma-Aldrich website.

The PbS QDs are responsive to wavelengths up to 1,250nm, 1650nm, 1,850nm and 2,000nm, significantly widening the performance of lead based INFIQ technology available on the website. This grants them increased flexibility for short-wave infrared (SWIR) sensing and imaging applications.

These lead-free INFIQ QDs have absorption maxima of up to 800nm and 980nm and are based on silver sulphide and silver selenide respectively. The announcement follows a rigorous quality control process lasting almost one year.

INFIQ infrared QD technology offers high-performance SWIR sensing and imaging capability at a fraction of the price of comparable indium-gallium-arsenide (InGaAs) solutions. 

Commenting Dr Hao Pang, CEO and Founder of Quantum Science, said, “It’s fantastic to see that Merck has approved even more of our INFIQ infrared QD technology for sale on its platform. Merck is renowned for the high standards it holds suppliers to through its M-Clarity Quality programme, which takes into account standard operating procedures for process control and release testing using established protocols. 

“The recognition that our products and processes meet these standards should give research and development labs the confidence they need in their quality and support them in their work unlocking breakthroughs in imaging and sensing technology. We look forward to seeing how these new products will be used to discover even more game-changing applications.”