Plug and Play Cable Extension Kit for Raspberry Pi cameras

1 min read

THine Electronics has introduced a plug and play kit for Raspberry Pi systems that can extend the distance between a Raspberry Pi camera and a Raspberry Pi single board computer (SBC) with a low-cost LAN cable.

Extending the distance up to 20 metres this kit frees up designers from being restricted to the short 15-20 cm distance provided by the Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) shipped with the Raspberry Pi Camera Modules. The Kit allows the Raspberry Pi camera to work much further away from the SBC with the exact same performance as if connected close to the SBC through the FFC.

The kit is based on THine’s V-by-One HS Serializer-Deserializer technology which was developed to support up to 4 Gbps per lane and is robust enough to extend the transmission of 1080p60 2Mpixel uncompressed video for greater than 15 meters with specified cables.

Key Advantages:

  • Plug and Play – The Kit detects which RPi camera is connected and automatically sets the register settings of the THine serializer and de-serializer ICs to transport the video data over the increased distance to the SBC.
  • It provides every component needed to increase the distance between the RPi camera and the SBC including a 2-meter LAN cable and all fastening hardware.
  • Up to 20-meter extension is possible due to the Kit’s support of many long LAN cables.
  • Old and new Raspberry Pi cameras are supported by the Kit. This includes the V1.3, V2, and the newer High Quality (HQ) cameras.

”This kit solves a key problem for Raspberry Pi users by adding the design flexibility to place the camera far from the computer board with a plug and play, low cost, and simple to install solution.” said Tak Iizuka, Chief Solution Architect of THine Solutions.