Oxbotica and AppliedEV to develop fully autonomous multi-purpose vehicle

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Oxbotica and AppliedEV are to develop a fully autonomous, multi-purpose electric vehicle capable of being deployed in a wide range of environments for a variety of commercial applications.

The project will see Oxbotica integrate its autonomous vehicle software with AppliedEV's programmable and configurable EV platform. The vehicle will be driverless, so marking a huge step on the journey towards commercial autonomy.

Industrial logistics and goods delivery will be the first industries targeted for deployment, with continued growth expected in further industries as the number of vehicles scaled.

The AppliedEV platform, Blanc Robot, is modular and fully flexible and has been designed to operate as a fully autonomous vehicle and configurable for specific applications, such as logistics or industrial. The Blanc Robot comes with an all-wheel-drive system, in either an off-road or on-road specification. Battery size is matched to the duty and charge cycles, with total efficiency up to 10 miles/kWh. This versatility is seen as a match for Oxbotica's Universal Autonomy software platform.

Paul Newman, Founder & CTO of Oxbotica, said, "Working in collaboration with AppliedEV to provide the market with an autonomy solution comprising both hardware and software with the highest safety standards is a singular and unifying goal. We have an ambitious deployment goal over the coming years, driven by an extraordinary market appetite for a world-class product."

Commenting Julian Broadbent, Founder & CEO of AppliedEV, added, “Oxbotica and AEV both see an opportunity in the market to come together with a unique offering of strong commercial outcomes as early as 12 months. The real value of automated vehicles is to operate without the presence of a driver with high levels of safety. There are not many instances where you will find full autonomous vehicles in the market doing a real job, with real economics. Removing the driver and passengers reduces the risk and creates new levels of value and service.”