OPENEDGES and SEMIFIVE deepen their strategic partnership

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OPENEDGES Technology, a memory subsystem IP provider, has announced a strategic partnership agreement with SEMIFIVE.

Building on their existing partnership, the two companies signed an agreement to establish a user-friendly SoC ecosystem, integrating silicon-proven IPs and optimised design methodologies to achieve lower cost, reduced risk, and faster turnaround times.

SEMIFIVE specialises in SoC platforms and ASIC design solutions and develops SoC design platforms for AI chips. To date, it has developed three SoC design platforms and has completed eight custom silicon tapeouts using its platforms.

OPENEDGES’ silicon proven LPDDR4 DDR controller and PHY IPs have played an important role in SEMIFIVE’s innovative SoC Design Platforms. These platforms are pre-designed and validated with Samsung Foundry’s advanced 14LPP, the 14-nanometer (nm) LPP (Low Power Plus) process technology, and significantly reduce engineering costs in IP support and SoC design.

OPENEDGES’ IPs have exhibited numerous performance metrics including low latency, reduced area, power consumption, and bandwidth, helping to provide overall SoC efficiency while at the same time fully harnessing the capabilities of DRAM technologies.

Additionally, these IPs have brought approximately 20% higher hourly data processing capacity and a 50% faster response speed compared to some industry competitors. The integration of OPENEDGES’ IPs into the Design Platform is proving to be a popular feature among customers, streamlining chip acquisition and providing rapid access to guaranteed DRAM performance.

The two companies have worked together since 2019 and OPENEDGES and SEMIFIVE have jointly collaborated to deliver multiple distinct SoC platforms applied across diverse applications, such as AI inference, IoT SoC, and HPC.

"Collaborating with OPENEDGES on our SoC design platform has transformed the game, making custom silicon development fast, affordable, and low-risk - something our customers truly appreciate,” said Brandon Cho, CEO and co-founder of SEMIFIVE. "Together, we're focused on creating the next groundbreaking solution that will benefit not only our customers but the entire semiconductor industry."

OPENEDGES and SEMIFIVE are exploring another collaborative opportunity based on the successful collaboration at 14LPP.