Offshore partnership reduces volume order costs

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UK based contract electronics manufacturer (CEM) announces capability to provide offshore production facilities to its customers by partnering with Chinese manufacturer.

A new capability to provide offshore production facilities has been announced by UK based CEM, Controlled Speed Engineering (CSE). Its partnership with a leading China manufacturer is best suited to high volume orders, whilst the majority of CSE’s customers will continue to be served by its UK based production capabilities. To provide more options, CSE also has a strategic alliance with an East European manufacturing partner, enabling it to offer the best solution for each customer. Phil Burns, managing director at CSE, said: “This new partnership offers the best of both worlds to our customers: they benefit from the lower costs of manufacturing in China, but we still provide UK based design and management expertise to ensure everything goes smoothly.” With the new service, customers will deal with CSE’s staff in the UK, but the actual manufacturing will be performed in China. These offshore workers are trained by CSE to maintain the highest quality levels.