Nordic Semi's nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6 companion IC now available from Mouser

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Mouser Electronics is now stocking the nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6 companion IC from Nordic Semiconductor.

The IC is designed to be used alongside Nordic's existing nRF52 and nRF53 Series Bluetooth Low Energy System-on-Chip (SoCs) and nRF9160 cellular IoT System-in-Package (SiP), as well as a wide range of non-Nordic host devices.

The nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6 companion IC provides seamless Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi-based locationing (SSID sniffing of local Wi-Fi hubs). The ultra-low power device has been designed for a range of applications requiring reliable wireless connectivity, including battery-operated Wi-Fi products, smart city and smart agriculture applications, smart home devices, industrial sensors, medical devices and wearables, and asset tracking applications.

With Wi-Fi 6, the device supports all Matter wireless protocols, Bluetooth LE for commissioning, Thread for low-power mesh, and Wi-Fi for high throughput. Matter is a connectivity standard for IoT devices which allows for communication across smart devices in the home or industrial setting.

The Matter protocol is championed by Apple, Amazon, Google, Nordic Semiconductor, Samsung, and hundreds of other companies. The nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6 companion IC is designed for seamless coexistence with all protocols including Bluetooth LE, Thread, and Zigbee.

The nRF7002 is supported by the nRF7002-DK Wi-Fi 6 development kit which includes an nRF5340 multiprotocol System-on-Chip as a host device for the nRF7002 IC. The development kit enables developers to use Wi-Fi 6 features including beamforming, OFDMA, and target wake time in their low-power Wi-Fi 6 applications. The nRF7002-DK development kit features Arduino-compatible headers, enabling easy expansion.