Nordic Semiconductor expands nRF91 series

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Nordic Semiconductor, a provider of low power wireless connectivity solutions, has expanded its portfolio of nRF91 Series cellular IoT devices with the introduction of the nRF9151 System-in-Package (SiP).

The nRF9151 looks to enhance Nordic’s end-to-end cellular IoT solution, which encompasses hardware, software, tools, and nRF Cloud Services, providing advanced capabilities and integration to significantly simplify the development process.

The nRF9151 offers a compact, pre-certified, and highly integrated device, containing a System-on-Chip (SoC), power management, and RF front-end, which have been designed by Nordic Semiconductor. Compared with its nRF91 Series predecessors, it offers increased supply chain resilience, and boasts a significant footprint reduction of 20%, allowing more compact products without performance compromises, a particular benefit for wearable devices, smart sensors, and other space-constrained IoT applications.

In addition to its compact size, the nRF9151 adds support for Class 5 20dBm output power, complementing the nominal Class 3 23dBm. This enhancement will provide developers with greater flexibility as it eases the requirements for battery-powered products.

“Our decision to develop the nRF9151 stems from a deep understanding of market demands and the need for solutions that seamlessly address the challenges faced by our customers”, said Kjetil Holstad, EVP Strategy and Product Management. “With the nRF9151, we aim to fill a crucial gap in the market, streamlining the development process, and reducing both power consumption and footprint. This strategic addition to our cellular IoT portfolio confirms our dedication to providing cutting-edge cellular IoT solutions and our continuous drive to stay ahead".

The nRF9151 is software and tools compatible with the nRF9161 and nRF9131, leveraging the same modem firmware and support in Nordic’s unified and scalable software solution, the nRF Connect SDK.

Previously, cellular IoT design has often involved components from various suppliers, leading to challenges in cost, performance, and power efficiency for developers.

Nordic has looked to simplify this process by providing an integrated solution encompassing hardware, software, tools, cloud services, and support. A comprehensive offering, it streamlines the design and implementation process engineered to reduce complexities and shorten the time-to-market.

Cellular IoT is quickly becoming the backbone of a myriad of applications - from asset tracking and smart metering to smart city and smart agriculture, cellular IoT enables devices to communicate efficiently on a very tight energy budget.

The nRF9151 is now available for sampling to selected customers and interested parties can sign up for product updates and contact their local Nordic sales representative for more information.