Nexperia launches new Dallas design centre

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Nexperia has officially launched its new design centre in Dallas, Texas.

Having recently celebrated five years as an independent company, this announcement marks another major step towards the company’s stated goal of becoming a world leader in essential semiconductors by 2030.

The design centre is Nexperia’s first research and development facility in North America and will focus on the development of analogue signal conversion and power management ICs. According to Irene Deng, general manager business group, Power and Signal Conversion at Nexperia, who will head up the new centre, “The Dallas design centre represents an important company milestone for several reasons. It demonstrates Nexperia’s commitment to establishing R&D activity in North America and it will also enable Nexperia to expand and strengthen the analogue IC portfolio, power management ICs and signal conditioning ICs.”

Nexperia has ambitious plans for the centre and is aiming for a sixfold increase in the numbers of employees located there by the end of 2023.

“Upon presenting this investment proposal to the CEO of Nexperia, Xuezheng Zhang, it received near immediate approval, as entering the analogue market delivers on our strategy to transition the Nexperia portfolio towards more differentiated, unique and combined products,” said Dan Jensen, general manager of Nexperia’s business group, Analog & Logic ICs.

Nexperia said that it will both strengthen and expand its portfolio with more complex and high-power products.