Murata launches Open Innovation website

1 min read

Murata has launched an Open Innovation website to create collaborative relationships with start-ups to develop solutions in the mobility, energy, healthcare, and wireless markets.

With its focus on start-up companies and universities, the website has been designed to provide the opportunity to explore go-to-market plans drawing on Murata’s extensive R&D capabilities, manufacturing support capabilities, and financial resources.

Murata has a long-standing history of partnering with customers, universities and strategic partners to enable new technology development and accelerate revenue generation. To demonstrate this value proposition, the website includes case studies showcasing successful collaborations and gives an overview of the support that a start-up organisation can expect to receive through partnering with Murata.

Collaboration partners will be provided with a broad range of resources such as R&D assistance, channels to market, mass production capabilities, financial backing and market access in order to realize the full potential of their innovations.

“As an innovator in electronics, Murata is proud to launch the Open Innovation website as a gateway to engagement with universities and start-ups”, explained Mitch Nozaki, General Manager Business Innovation & Incubation, Murata Europe. “The website is a great starting point to grow ideas on new products and technologies which can have a positive effect on society globally.”