Collaboration to accelerate growth of wireless and IoT start-up

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EvoNexus, a non-profit technology incubator, and GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF), the specialty foundry, are collaborating to accelerate the growth of semiconductor start-ups developing breakthrough products in wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT).

With GF providing a broad range of platforms and features along with a mix of design, development and fabrication services, and as a leading innovator of SOI-based technology, it is well positioned to deliver greater bandwidth, ultra-low power, higher levels of integration, and lower latency for scalable and reliable applications that are fundamental to smart, connected IoT and wireless connectivity markets.

Through access to this technical expertise and cutting-edge technologies, EvoNexus’ partners will have the resources necessary to develop new solutions and speed their time to market.

“We are excited to collaborate with EvoNexus to drive innovation and bring disruptive products to market,” said Dr. Bami Bastani, senior VP and general manager of Mobile and Wireless Infrastructure at GF. "EvoNexus’ proven incubation program and corporate partnerships that include Qualcomm, Murata, pSemi, TDK InvenSense and Viasat, coupled with GF's differentiated, feature rich solutions will enable promising semiconductor start-ups to build innovative products that will help connect and power the digital world."

“5G, IoT, Telemedicine, Industry 4.0, AI, Smart Homes and AgTech represent opportunities where an early stage venture can establish a beachhead in nascent markets,” said Dr. Jim Cable, CTO of EvoNexus. “The GlobalFoundries and EvoNexus collaboration will provide innovators with differentiated solutions, while reducing the cost of product development and speed time to a market window that is fleeting.”

“GlobalFoundries manufacturing and technology access provides a key element as EvoNexus launches an outreach to locate and assist early stage semiconductor ventures regardless of their location,” added Rory Moore, CEO and Co-founder of EvoNexus and Co-founder of Peregrine Semiconductor & Silicon Wave. “Access to high quality chip manufacturing has never been more difficult with the major OEMs consuming most of the global capacity. GlobalFoundries recognises that semiconductor design innovation often comes from a start-up. EvoNexus and GlobalFoundries provide an ideal partnership for breakthrough designs that make IoT and 5G a reality.”