Move supports Linux development on multicore processors

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CriticalBlue, which specialises in design software that makes efficient use of complex processor architectures, has joined MontaVista's partner programme. As part of the move, it will make its Prism software available on MontaVista Linux 6 and Montavista Linux Carrier Grade Edition products. MontaVista is the first commercial Linux provider to be supported by Prism

"Developers need to analyse their real world applications running on commercial Linux platforms like MontaVista Linux using common frameworks like Eclipse," said David Stewart, pictured, CriticalBlue's ceo. "By partnering with MontaVista, and integrating with the MontaVista DevRocket IDE, Prism will support the broadest range of platforms on a commercial quality Linux, allowing our joint customers a way to rapidly ensure safe and timely migration of their software onto multicore platforms and efficient exploitation of the parallelism inherent within." Prism analyses the behaviour of code running on either hardware development boards or simulators. It allows engineers to take their existing sequential code and, without making changes, explore and analyse opportunities for concurrency. Dan Cauchy, MontaVista's vp of marketing, added: "This integrated environment will allow developers to quickly analyse, convert and tune sequential code into parallel code and harness the full capabilities of MontaVista Linux running on modern multicore processors."