MIPS P-class CPU features in Baikal-T1

According to Imagination Technology, Baikal Electronics has integrated Imagination's latest MIPS Warrior P-class P5600 CPU into its multi-core processor the Baikal-T1. The Baikal-T1 is suited for use in a number of networking-related applications such as wireless routers, home gateways and other connected devices for applications such as industrial automation.

The chip contains a dual-core MIPS P5600 CPU clocked at 1.2GHz. Baikal-T1 also includes multiple high-speed (1G/10G Ethernet, PCIe, SATA 6G, USB) and low-speed interfaces (GPIO, I2C, UART, SPI). The package measures 25 x 25mm and is manufactured on 28nm process technology, achieving less than 5W of total power consumption.

The MIPS P5600 CPU is based on a wide issue, out-of-order implementation of the MIPS32 architecture, supporting up to six cores in a single cluster with high performance cache coherency. It is said to achieve the industry's leading CoreMark/MHz score per core for licensable CPU IP. The OmniShield-ready P5600 also integrates hardware virtualisation for security and reliability, and 128-bit SIMD support for high performance on data parallel operations such as DSP, imaging and media.