Microsemi unveils SmartFusion2 SoC fpga family

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Microsemi has unveiled its SmartFusion2 SoC fpga family, which it says is the industry's only flash based fpga targeted at communications, defence, aerospace and industrial applications.

SmartFusion2 integrates a flash based fpga fabric, a 166MHz ARM Cortex-M3 processor, security processing accelerators, dsp blocks, sram eNVM and communication interfaces on a single chip. "Our SmartFusion2 devices have the differentiated features required to ensure secure and reliable operation with extremely low power consumption, which is imperative for battery operated devices often used in these applications," said Esam Elashmawi, vice president and general manager at Microsemi. "These next generation devices also feature higher densities and industry standard interfaces that allow us to address a much wider range of mainstream applications." A 50k look up table (LUT) SmartFusion 2 consumes 10mW of static power, including the processor. In the Flash*Freeze standby mode, power drops to 1mW. SmartFusion2 devices are available with a range of densities from 5K LUT to 120K LUT plus embedded memory and multiple accumulate blocks for digital signal processing (dsp). High bandwidth interfaces include PCI Express with flexible 5G serdes, along with DDR2/DDR3 memory controllers. The device also includes a microprocessor subsystem, with the M3 processor, 64kbyte of embedded sram and 512kbyte of embedded non volatile memory.