MicroAI and Silicon Labs collaborate on edge-native AI

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MicroAI, a developer of edge-native artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) products, has joined Silicon Labs’ Technology Partner Program and begun to collaborate with customers.

MicroAI's edge-native AI technology is able to personalizse AI on connected endpoints by enabling training and inferencing on each unique edge-connected device.

The collaboration between the two companies will provide Silicon Labs customers with an accelerated path to designing, developing, and deploying next-generation connected devices that personalise AI for each unique end-user, through mass customisation and contextualization of their devices’ unique environment.

MicroAI’s AtomML is a next-generation AI solution that enables an AI algorithm to run on simple devices leveraging wireless connectivity with limited memory and CPU capacity; an approach that provides adopters with greater design flexibility, lower cost, faster time to market, and quicker ROI.

AtomML provides edge-native AI capabilities that personalise AI on next generation edge devices with AI training and inferencing. With a small compute footprint and these self-learning capabilities, it is able to provide sophisticated personalised and context-aware intelligence for high value use-cases that include condition monitoring, security, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance.