Mentor looks to spur multicore SoC development

1 min read

Looking to help embedded designers get to grips with heterogeneous multicore SoCs, Mentor Graphics has introduced an integrated development solution that spans device configuration, deployment and system optimisation.

The new platform offers support for multi-operation system devices, including Mentor's embedded Linux platform, Nucleus RTOS, Sourcery Tools and bare-metal applications. There are also graphical debugging and performance analysis tools that enable synchronised perspective across operating systems and functions. "Next generation SoCs enable the development of unique embedded systems by extending today's multicore homogeneous architectures with heterogeneous cores," stated Markus Levy, president of the Multicore Association. "Mentor Graphics' continued investment in embedded software and delivery of an integrated heterogeneous multicore development solution will enable embedded developers to more easily take full advantage of these complex heterogeneous SoCs." Mentor says the tool addresses many of the challenges designers face with heterogeneous systems, including: configuring and deploying multiple operating systems and applications across processors; boosting multiple operating systems efficiently and in a coordinated manner across micro-processors and micro-controllers; and allowing for communication between isolated sub-systems on a multicore processor or between heterogeneous processors. The solution also lets users visualise interactions between multiple operating systems.