MediaTek announces latest 5G chip

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MediaTek has launched the Dimensity 720, a 5G SoC designed to give consumers access to premium 5G experiences but on mid-tier smartphones.

The Dimensity 720 is part of MediaTek’s 5G chipset family that includes a range of chipsets from the Dimensity 1000 for flagship 5G smartphones to the Dimensity 800 and 700 series for more accessible 5G mid-tier devices.

“The Dimensity 720 sets a new standard, delivering feature-packed 5G experiences and technology to devices that are more accessible to mass market consumers,” said Dr. Yenchi Lee, Deputy General Manager, Wireless Communications Business Unit, MediaTek.

“This chip is highly power-efficient, has impressive performance and advanced display and imaging technologies. All of that combined will help brands usher in differentiated 5G devices for consumers around the globe.”

The 7nm Dimensity 720 SoC has been integrated with the most power-efficient 5G modem in its class and uses MediaTek’s 5G UltraSave technology, which uses both network and content awareness intelligence, to manage the modem's operating mode in real-time so as to extend battery life. The chipset also integrates multimedia, connectivity and imaging features for an improved user experience.

The Dimensity 720 provides devices with the power needed to run the latest AI applications while two Arm Cortex-A76 big cores operating at 2GHz in the octa-core CPU, means that the chipset is able to improve the responsiveness of applications. The Dimensity 720 also includes an Arm Mali G57 class GPU, fast LPDDR4X memory and universal flash storage (UFS) 2.2 for fast read/write speeds.

The chipset supports the latest connectivity technologies including two carrier aggregation (2CC CA), Voice over New Radio (VoNR) and 5G and 4G dual SIM, dual standby (DSDS) to provide users with the best possible connection.

The chipset also supports both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) sub-6GHz networks and has been designed for global sub-6GHz 5G networks in Asia, North America and Europe.