MagnaChip now offering ultra-high voltage process technologies

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MagnaChip Semiconductor, a designer and manufacturer of analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor products, is now offering 0.35 micron 700V Ultra-High Voltage process technologies (UHV) suitable for different system requirements for AC-DC converter ICs and LED driver ICs.

With the market demand increasing dramatically for AC-powered products, including LED lighting drivers, AC-DC converter ICs and AC-DC chargers that are commonly found in home appliances, the cost competitiveness of these products, manufactured using UHV technologies, is becoming a critical factor for IC providers.

In a move designed to meet these market needs, MagnaChip has reduced device sizes of UHV nLDMOS by 30% and JFET by 50% from its previous generation. MagnaChip’s latest UHV technology, designated as HP35ULC700, has also shortened the manufacturing process and reduced cost by having seven photolithographic steps less than the company’s previous generation. This was achieved by simplifying the front end process and reducing the minimum metal number from two to one.

UHV technologies have multiple requirements because different systems and IC schemes are used in various applications. To cover various requirements, MagnaChip offers multiple UHV technologies in terms of gate oxide schemes. When high system integration is necessary, dual gate oxide UHV technology can be used that provides the optimised low voltage, high voltage, and ultra-high voltage devices.

Likewise, when manufacturing cost is important and control logic device density is high, low-voltage single-gate oxide UHV technology can be used and where manufacturing cost is important and superior high-voltage performance to drive external discrete high voltage MOSFETs is necessary, high voltage single-gate oxide UHV technology can be used.

In addition, UHV devices with different operation voltages from 350V to 700V are provided in MagnaChip's UHV technologies, as AC-DC converter voltage requirements vary by country. Additional option devices that can enable the integrated solution of AC-DC converter ICs and LED driver ICs are 700V nLDMOS integrated with 700V JFET, Zener diode, 700V resistor, thin film resistor, MIM capacitance and fuse.

YJ Kim, MagnaChip’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “UHV technology is a key technology we are focused on as market demands for LED lighting and AC-DC converters remain to be strong.” Kim added, “We are continuing to develop additional UHV technologies to improve performances and cover more system requirements.”