Magazine to publish embedded video

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The first ever video in print advertisement will appear in a US magazine published next month.

Select copies of September's edition of Entertainment Weekly will feature the ads which will show clips of forthcoming tv shows and adverts for a soft drink. The chip technology is activated when the page is turned. The Harry Potter style moving image technology was developed by Los Angeles based Americhip. The company specialises in the design of 'multisensory' advertising and marketing products. CEO Martin Lindstrom, said: "The more senses you appeal to when communicating a message, the more impact your message will make. This has been scientifically proven. The specialists at Americhip are masters of multisensory communication." The page advert will incorporate a screen 2.7mm thick, capable of displaying 320 x 240 resolution for up to 70 minutes. The battery can also be recharged with a mini usb cord. The screen itself uses tft lcd technology and is enforced by protective polycarbonate. CBS said that the video player insert will be able to withstand the magazine binding processes and endure the rigours of the US postal system.