Low power spectrum analyser

A compact and low power spectrum analyser from Rohde & Schwarz is said to deliver the key characteristics of a professional device. The FSC handles basic functions, such as rf spectrum measurement and power measurement, over frequencies ranging from 9kHz to 6GHz.

Claimed as ideal for applications that require a high quality basic instrument, the FSC has a maximum sensitivity of less than –161dBm, with a low level measurement uncertainty of less than 1dB. With features including a noise marker, a frequency counter, modulation depth measurement of AM modulated signals or power measurement of pulsed signals, the 3 HU deep device can be installed in small or mobile test systems. Because it is half width, an FSC can be mounted next to an SMC100A signal generator or two FSC analysers can be mounted side by side in a 19in rack. The FSC spectrum analyzer is available in four variants; with 3GHz or 6GHz frequency range and with or without a tracking generator.