LoRa-based development kit enables fast prototyping

1 min read

LoRa alliance members, Libelium and Loriot, have announced a LoRaWAN-connected development kit that should speed the development and testing of IoT applications.

“Developing IoT applications typically involves setting up a network and testing the various hardware components and software to ensure everything operates correctly,” said Javier Martínez, Libelium’s vice president of business development and sales. “With our kit, customers do not have to spend time configuring and testing a network, because we can provide them with a LoRaWAN network connection that has already been tested and set up to run with the kit components and software.”

Comprised of a gateway and 10 sensor devices, application software, and a connection to Loriot’s cloud-based LoRaWAN network, the kit is suited to those who want to program a solution on top of Loriot.io platform and test it with real sensors.

The development kit is suitable for smart city, smart security, smart environment and smart agriculture applications. The kit is available for both North America (915Mhz) and European (868MHz) frequencies.