Avnet Silica joins LoRa Alliance

1 min read

Avnet Silica has joined the LoRa Alliance as an ‘adopter’ member to support the development, growth and adoption of networks based on the LoRa protocol (LoRaWAN) low power wide area networking technology.

Prior to joining the LoRa, Avnet Silica had already built-in support for LoRaWAN via its ‘Visible Things’ IIoT platform (pictured).

“There is a wide expectation across the market that there will be hundreds of millions of LoRaWAN based end-node sensors in the coming years,” said Alviano Burello, regional technical marketing manager at Avnet Silica.

“As part of our mission to simplify the complexity of IoT designs, Avnet Silica is making ready to launch a reference design module integrating a low power Cortex-M0 based MCU, a LoRaWAN transceiver, and a secure element that enables secure repository of the encryption keys required by the LoRaWAN protocol stack.”

Visible Things is a platform that includes tested, proven, secure and integrated hardware and embedded software. The platform connects smart sensors and embedded devices via gateway solutions or LPWANs such as LoRaWAN, right through to the cloud and enterprise software applications.