Logic devices help extend battery life

1 min read

Diodes has announced a new family of dual gate, ultra low power cmos logic devices.

Designed for low voltage and low energy operation, the 74AUP2G series is designed to extend the battery cell lifetime of a handheld consumer electronics, including smartphones, e-book readers and tablets. With a leakage current of less than 0.9µA, the logic devices' static power consumption is low, and a typical power dissipation capacitance of 6pF at 3.6V means dynamic power consumption is also minimised. Operating over the 0.8 to 3.6V range, Diodes says the 74AUP2G family enables circuit supplies to be reduced to lowest practical levels. Seven devices are included in the range, offering combinations of inversion and buffering functions: inverters; inverters with open-drain output; buffers; buffers with open-drain output; Schmitt trigger inverters and Schmitt trigger buffers. To more closely meet the requirements of next generation product sizing and manufacturing processes, each dual gate logic device is provided in a choice of three different leadless packages: DFN0910, DFN1010 and DFN1410.