High speed logic devices provide performance upgrade

Diodes has introduced a complete series of advanced, high speed CMOS logic devices, which it claims offers power dissipation and switching speed improvements over existing alternatives.

Operating between 2 and 5.5V, the 74AHC1Gxx range is targeted as a drop-in replacement for industry standard logic parts used in a broad array of consumer electronic products. It includes AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, inversion and buffering functions, as well as Diodes' first unbuffered single inverter device. All ten logic functions are offered in SOT25 and SOT353 package options. As single gate solutions, the devices are designed to provide the logic function at point of application to simplify routing and optimise use of board space. Their dynamic switching power has been reduced by optimising the output drive capability at +/-8mA, while still ensuring typical propagation delays of 6ns.