Dual gate logic aids product miniaturisation

Diodes has announced a new series of dual gate logic devices, designed to help reduce component footprints in small handheld products such as tablet computers, smart phones and e readers.

Six dual gate logic devices have initially been introduced, comprising inverters and buffers. Operating voltage is rated between 1.65 and 5.5V to support both portable battery operated as well as legacy 5V product designs. Typically drawing less than 1µA, Diodes says they are also suitable for more energy sensitive applications. When powered down, the dual gate logic's output circuitry is disabled to prevent damaging backflow current and to ensure effective signal isolation. 5.5V tolerant inputs enable the parts to be employed as voltage translators. The 74LVC2G two gate parts measure 1mm2 and are available in a compact DFN1010 package.