LDRA to support Arm-based safety critical chips

LDRA is extending object-code verification to deliver advanced software testing for Arm-based chips used in safety-critical aerospace, defence and automotive applications, where safety-critical verification is essential.

LDRA’s support enables software developers to leverage the LDRA tool suite to verify code coverage at both the assembly and source code levels.

Today, Arm-based devices are found in many ISO 26262–compliant automotive applications up to and including ASIL D, while avionics engineers are also turning to general-purpose Arm processors. By extending object-code verification to Arm-based chips, LDRA enables compliance to Level A - the highest safety requirements - of DO-178C, the safety-critical standard for aerospace, and provides an opportunity for automotive developers to provide a similar level of assurance for the most demanding of applications in their domain.

“By extending object-code verification to general-purpose Arm processors safety-critical designers will be able to take advantage of the rich Arm ecosystem in their designs,” said Ian Hennell, Operations Director at LDRA.